Food Security, Livelihood & Nutrition

Inspired by the agriculture potential of Western Equatoria (popularly known as the breadbasket of South Sudan), STO has, since inception, viewed agriculture as the engine of growth and sustainable development; and has therefore focused considerable energy on working with partners (local farmer groups, NGOs, government stakeholders) in the food security and livelihood sector. STO has built its agriculture portfolio in areas of crop and vegetable production, seed multiplication, agro-forestry, livestock and aquaculture; with special interest in production, processing, and marketing along the value chain.

Nutrition security is a fundamental component of food security and of SDG 2 that sees progress on nutrition security as essential for the progress on sustainable development. Eating well is vital for proper body growth, good health, and reproduction. Through community-based nutrition programs (sensitization and trainings), STO facilitates the translation of food security improvement into nutritional security. Food options for beneficiary households is diversified through better use of farm harvests to improve the dietary conditions of especially people living with HIV, breast feeding mothers, and children. Improved nutrition at household levels is deemed a necessary approach to a healthy and decent livelihood of the society.