Agribusiness & Economic Empowerment

Poverty is not only a result, but also a cause of adverse human deprivation. With South Sudan extreme poverty rate estimated at 65.9% (2015), more than 50% of young people underemployed or unemployed, and only 12% of the workforce in formal employment (2016), STO seeks to foster self-employment, self-reliance, and economic empowerment of communities through home-grown poverty eradication strategies. This aims to expand economic resource base for communities through establishment of village savings and credit schemes; knowledge transfer and life skills (vocational and entrepreneurial) development; engagement in appropriate income generating activities (IGAs); agribusiness and market access improvement.

Given the favorable agricultural conditions in South Sudan, entrepreneurs will logically aim for agribusiness value chain. STO seeks to broadly focus on improving technical, literacy and numeracy skills among smallholder families and community members. Boost commercial farming in regards to crop production, livestock, aquaculture and enhancing local Value addition innovation.