Community Engagement
Bridging Poverty gap
Local Resource 100%
Investing In
Environment Friendly

Food Security, Livelihood & Nutrition

Rooted in the bountiful agricultural potential of South Sudan, STO sees agriculture as the driving powerhouse for sustainable development. Our commitment to cultivating lasting food security is woven into multifaceted approaches.

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Climate resilience & Environmental Sustainability

We are firmly committed to climate resilience and environmental sustainability—a pledge to build a greener, more sustainable future where every act contributes to the strength of our planet's Ecosystem

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Agri-business & economic empowerment

We unlock the boundless agricultural potential, nurturing skill development for the youth. Our initiatives empower communities to flourish at the intersection of sustainable agri-business and economic prosperity, sowing the seeds for lasting growth and success.

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Dedicated to strengthening communities by enhancing food production, fostering sustainable livelihoods, increasing income opportunities, and ensuring access to safe, clean water. Our Specialty Areas
leading the change we want to see

STO empowers communities to enhance food production, livelihoods, income, and access to clean water.

Sustainable honey production plays a pivotal role in fostering a balanced ecosystem and preserving biodiversity.
Star Trust Organisation (STO) is a Youth-led and woman-focused South Sudanese-founded organisation based in Juba with field presence in other South Sudan states. STO started in 2010 as a community-based initiative intended to promote self-reliance by harnessing and utilising local resources for rural development.
At STO, we believe that real change starts from within. We work closely with communities to identify their unique needs and aspirations. Through collaborative efforts, we develop strategies and programs that are tailored to each community's specific circumstances, fostering self-reliance and long-term growth.
Igniting Hope, Inspiring Change

Creating Brighter Futures: STO's Projects and Initiatives

Discover how STO's food security and livelihood programmes are the cornerstone of our mission. We're working tirelessly to boost food production, ensuring communities have the resources and knowledge needed to thrive.
Our income generation programs empower individuals to achieve financial stability and independence. Find out how we're transforming lives through economic empowerment.

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We take pride in our widespread impact across numerous states and counties in South Sudan. Through grassroots participation, we actively contribute to the socio-economic transformation of the nation
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2 Projects

Malakal, Renk and Palouch counties
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10 + Projects

Mundri, Maridi, Ibba, Yambio, Nzara, Ezo, Tambura and Nagero
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1 project

Rumbek and Hulu, Lake State, South Sudan
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1 project

Juba and Terekeka Counties
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Vulnerable Households
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Youth and Women engaged
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Vegetable Seeds, Fishing Kits & Tools

STO's Collaborations and Partnerships

STO is grateful for the collaborations and partnerships with UN Agencies, International organizations and national organizations. Which is amplifying our efforts to empower communities. With these collaborations with stakeholders we're making strides in enhancing food production, fostering sustainable livelihoods, increasing income opportunities, and providing access to safe, clean water for communities in South Sudan.
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We understand that we must lead by example and are committed to further improving health, safety and wellbeing in our sector. Wastia have been awarded five star grading and made strong progress in making sure the planet is safe.
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Food Recycling And Anaerobic Digestion
Mechanical And Biological Treatment
Metal And Plastic Recycling Facilities
Recycling Facilities essential in providing quality raw materials to the production industry, as they designed to separate recyclables into their individual material streams and prepare them for sale
In Vessel Composting
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